FCYLA Event and Job Notification E-mail Policy

In an attempt to not overload members' inboxes with e-mails from the FCYLA, all emails will be consolidated into three categorized, monthly emails.  The emails will be sent as follows:

  • 1st or 2nd of Each Month:  Event email
  • 15th or 16th of Each Month: Job Opportunities email
  • 29th or 30th of Each Month: Job Opportunities email

The "Job Opportunities email" will be sent twice a month and will consist of any and all jobs openings from local firms, government and/or businesses relevant to young attorneys.  This email will only be sent twice a month if at least one job is sent to the FCYLA within the time period following the previous Job Opportunities email.  Should no job solicitations be received by FCYLA during that time, no Job Opportunities email will be sent for that period.

 The "Event email" will consist of events for other organizations.  FCYLA will only send out information regarding events that are in some way beneficial to FCYLA members, including, but not limited to, MCLE opportunities.  Solicitations by organizations, other than the FCBA, for members or volunteers will not be sent to FCYLA members.  The FCYLA reserves the right to make the final determination as to which events will be listed in these e-mail notifications.

 Any and all requests for inclusions in the bi-monthly Job Opportunities email or monthly Event email should be sent to fresnocountyyounglawyers@gmail.com with a brief description of the event or job and a request that it be included in one of our monthly emails.  This request should include the name of the event/job, the name of the organization sponsoring the event/job, the purpose and any necessary information such as location, time and who to contact with any questions or to RSVP.

For a more complete version of the FCYLA's policies and bylaws, click here.