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3 reasons why you might need a family law attorney in Lehi

No one wants to think about legal matters unless they have a real problem at hand. As the name indicates, family law attorneys specialize in family law and related matters. Regardless of what you know about the law, there is no replacement for legal counsel. In this post, we are sharing key matters why you might need to hire a Lehi family law attorney

  • You are getting divorced

You can finalize your divorce in Utah in just one month. That’s the minimum waiting period. However, couples often don’t agree on key matters, which complicates and prolongs the divorce process. Even if your spouse is ready to cooperate, you have a lot of things to resolve, including distribution of assets, management of the estate, and welfare of your children. Having an attorney does help in simplifying things because lawyers have years of experience in handling divorce matters. They can also intervene, talk to your spouse and their attorney, and iron out issues to minimize the time. 

  • You are in a custody battle

Utah laws grant joint legal custody to both parents by default. This means that you and the other parent have the legal right to stay involved in the key decisions related to your child’s choice of religion, education, and healthcare. However, if your spouse is not worth having legal custody or is fighting with you for physical custody, you need to hire an attorney. A good lawyer can ensure that you get the support you need and will guide you on the legal strategy. Also, you can expect unbiased advice from the attorney on how you can come to an amicable parenting agreement. 

  • You have a huge estate

If you and your spouse have a considerable number of properties, assets, and investments, lawyering up is a good idea. Like many other states, Utah allows for equitable distribution of assets. However, you may not get an equal share. The length of the marriage and other aspects like fault (adultery, willful desertion, etc.) will be considered by the court. You need a family law attorney to ensure that you get a fair outcome. Without legal advice, you may end up getting much lower than what you divorce. 

Divorces and family law matters often ride high on emotions. Making sensible decisions can be hard when you are personally invested in these relations. Talk to an attorney to get sound advice on how you can reduce friction and protect your interests.  

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