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Facebook For Lawyers, How To Get Results?

It is common to find lawyers complaining about Facebook and saying that they cannot get results with the platform. But before we look at the reasons, we need to understand the purpose of social media. Suppose ads scroll through your timeline while you’re looking to entertain yourself (seeing some photos or content produced by friends, pages of interest, etc.). What. What kind of approach to offering a product or service would grab your attention?

The platform’s main objective is to transmit knowledge of your product and arouse interest in those walking through the timeline. Remember AIDA? In Portuguese, awareness, Interest, Desire & Action: attention, interest, desire, and action.

The consumer is always in one of these stages that we call the “consumption funnel,” The stage we focus on in a Facebook ad is precisely attention, showing the user that we exist and are there to help them somehow. Sometimes, videos and images can help pique your target audience’s interest. However, we are still far from action. And speaking of action, when it comes to Legal Marketing, we are prohibited by the OAB from using the famous mental triggers – scarcity, urgency, commercial calls, promotions, etc.

Now, but if we are far from the final action (closing the contract), how about, we define a more coherent objective with the platform, such as collecting an email, for example. A person interested in the type of service your office offers can offer their email to receive content; however, it does not mean that they will be ready to become a customer. You will need to “mature contact” by demonstrating through high-value content that you have mastered the knowledge on the subject “authority concept.”

Based on this focus of “awakening attention” on Facebook, it is essential to keep in mind that the platform only allows for a good performance in delivering its publications through investment in its numerous forms of acquisition. That’s precisely what we’re going to talk about now, shall we?

What Are The Media Formats On Facebook?

There is a good variation in Facebook ad types, and at this point, we will explain what the difference between them is so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your legal marketing campaign:

The most common ones we find are ads with a design piece or some cool photo, usually combined with a Call-to-Action. Remember that Facebook does not allow ads with more than 20% in the text.


Videos are generally the best-performing media. Mark loves videos. Usually, the cost of delivery and reach is lower because the company’s philosophy (and the market, by the way) is that videos cause a much more positive interaction. No wonder they dominate our timelines.

Facebook Stories

Like on Instagram, they can be made in video or image format. Prefer a more natural approach; that’s what it was created for, for moments. A super production won’t sell much more than a good tip or a photo of a relaxed moment. Now you know all these, it is important to use experts like Grow Law Firm marketing agency for example to do your work.

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