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When Should You Hire A Family Lawyer Over A Divorce Lawyer?

The law is a vast subject, and things get complicated when you end up in legal cases. One such confusing topic in the legal world is the difference between divorce and family lawyer. Family law is consisting of various legal topics that also include divorce. However, family affairs are a broader subject. Besides divorce, one can need help on various family law issues such as- child custody, pre and postnuptial agreement, restraining orders, etc.

Therefore, the family attorney has a wide range of responsibilities than a divorce attorney on his/her shoulder. The years of experience in the courtroom, handling family law cases, make family lawyers better in some situations than a divorce attorney.

Here are few scenarios where you have to go with the family lawyer over the divorce attorney.

When Should You Hire A Family Attorney?

·       Divorce/Dissolution

The divorce is not just the ending of a relationship. With time the divorce settlement has become a complicated subject. There are a lot of things to take care of, such as division of property and debts. The family lawyer’s job is to advise the client to make the divorce process as smooth as possible. Moreover, the family lawyer helps client preserve their interest during the divorce or dissolution of the “committed, intimate relationship.”

·       Custody

During the family legal affairs, lots of typical situation arises. One such is child custody, which is a complicated topic. In such cases, family lawyers have to advise every family member, as all are connected to the children, and everyone has their interests related to custody. The family lawyers try to settle the permanent and temporary arrangement within the families related to child custody.

·       Adoption

Adoption is a contrasting topic to child custody. The family attorney comes in handy in such a situation too. Adoption is still a legal process that relates to family law. Adoption setting involves the adults taking legal custody of a child. The family lawyer guides the couple or person on how to approach the adoption. Moreover, adoption can become tricky if the biological parent is not willing to abdicate their parental status. In such a matter, the family lawyer is the best to handle and represent your case.

·       Pre- or Post- Nuptial Agreements

Divorces are harsh on both parties. Therefore, people are now establishing the agreement before the marriages that include the division of debts and assets after the ending relationship. The job of the family lawyer is to draft Pre- or Post-Nuptial Agreements and preserve the content of the agreement in case of end of the relationship occurs.

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