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Working With An Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney When Injured In The Line Of Duty

Law enforcement officers such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics in California face life-threatening situations in the line of duty every day. Because of the workplace dangers they are subjected to, they are given different kinds of benefits when they are injured in the line of duty. These injuries can include gunshot wounds, mental and emotional trauma, burn injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, and injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Their work-related injuries can lead to missed work, costly medical expenses, and a compromised quality of life.

While pursuing workers’ compensation benefits may seem simple, a lot of law enforcement officers usually run into many issues during the process. If you are suffering from a law enforcement injury and having difficulty getting the benefits you deserve, the right attorney can help you with the process. Your attorney will offer a confidential consultation to review your claim and discuss the options that may be available to you.

Kind of Medical Treatment that Injured or Disabled Law Enforcement Officers are Entitled To

In California, injured or disabled police officers, firefighters, and sheriff’s deputies are entitled to medical treatment to cure and relieve the effects of their illnesses or injuries when medically necessary. Under California law, treatment may continue for the lifetime of the sufferer. But, they must need an order from the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board to ensure treatment beyond five years from the date of injury.

Moreover, the workers’ comp law for safety officers let them choose a doctor to treat them. Designating one’s doctor makes sense as they have gotten to know the patient over the years and can give them the best personal medical care.

When to Apply for Workers’ Compensation

Injured public safety officers must file a formal claim with the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board within a year after the date of injury or the date their employers last offered benefits. But, they must seek legal counsel from an experienced workers’ comp attorney.  The attorney will determine whether the Statute of Limitations truly bars any further action.

To ensure a disabled or injured law enforcement officer gets the maximum benefits they are entitled to, they must discuss their situation with an experienced attorney in California. A skilled attorney knows how to prove that the officer’s treatment is medically necessary. The workers’ compensation laws that apply to disabled public safety officers are unique and quite specialized. And only an experienced lawyer can explain their rights and make sure they get the benefits they need.

Our long beach work comp attorney has years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. We know the ins and outs of this complex field, so you can focus on your recovery.

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