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Didn’t Plan Your Estate? Hire An Estate Attorney

Who Is A Real Estate Attorney?

Buying a new house can be one of the biggest investments a person decides to make. Hence, along with a real estate agent, it should be kept in mind that he/she considers a real estate attorney to help him walk through the legalities. They specialize in issues connected to the property and represent your interests, review all kinds of paperwork well beforehand, and give advice relating to omissions or issues existing in the documentation process.

A real estate attorney with an abundance amount of legal knowledge and experience is the person who will analyze the legal processes relating to financial affairs for any futuristic events or passing. He/she tags along with the executors of the deceased and the beneficiaries of an estate to settle all the issues. His/her presence is connected with the assets owned by the decedent and his testament.

1. How To Become A Real Estate Attorney

  • Acquiring required education and qualification
  • Getting acquainted with the skills needed to become one
  • Applying for a law school
  • Attending law school and passing the bar exam
  • Becoming well-versed in Uniform Probate Code

2. Starting Up Your Career

  • Conduction of interviews
  • Applying for internships and mentorships
  • Joining a professional association
  • Taking course specialized for learning estate law

Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

Apart from making a person acquainted with the probation process, A Real Estate Attorney can help one is several tasks as mentioned hereafter:

  • Creation of will and collection of proceeds from insurance policies
  • Designation of beneficiaries
  • Finding up ways to avoid or reduce estate tax and avoid the court process
  • Setting trusts to protect assets for you and your beneficiary’s interests after you die
  • Protection against creditors and other externalities who try to make their way in on an inheritance
  • Preparation of powers of attorney and health care directives to arrange someone capable of taking care of your affairs if you aren’t
  • Avoidance of guardianship or conservatorship issues
  • Documenting and filing according to the requirements of the court
  • Payment of debts and bills while resolving income tax issues
  • Transfer of accounts from the decedent to his/her beneficiaries; and many more.

Cost To Hire Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Pittsburgh

Estate attorneys can hourly fees as well as flat rates for their services which they tell you upfront. Generally, $150-$350 for an hourly service while $500-$1500 as a flat fee.

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