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Estate Planning Checklist

Planning your estate can be stressful and tiresome. However, there are numerous benefits associated with it. Therefore make sure to follow the steps to plan your estates efficiently with a tacoma estate planning lawyer and provide a secure future for your family members and other dependents. 

  • Make sure to organize your assets properly.

All the assets and their documentation must be done in a well-organized way. This includes estates like cars, real estate, inheritance funds, and investments. All your assets must be documented and handled correctly to start the estate planning process. Along with that, they must be under a designated owner. Make sure to assist all the titles of essay documents to check that you have complete ownership of the things you own. Assets with joint ownership tend to be unnecessarily stressful and must be avoided in all cases. 

  • Evaluation of debt

After your death, your family members have a massive chance of debt inheritance. Other than that, if you have accumulated a large amount of debt, your estate may be sold off by the court to make payments for the debt. All the states that are passed through the probate process end up losing their original value, and the designated beneficiaries do not enjoy the same amount of money assigned to them by their deceased loved ones. 

Therefore it is extremely important to keep a close check on your debt and provide protection to your family members with the help of auto or life insurance policies. The payment from search policies helps provide financial security to your family members and avoids any stress caused by financial issues. 

  • Make wise decisions while choosing your power of attorney.

Power of attorney plays a significant role. The decision must be taken seriously and without any influence. Before drafting a will, think about who will be suitable for managing your financial and medical situation if you are not in a condition to handle it on your own. Choose a trustable person for this to avoid any complications. While selecting a power of attorney, make sure to consult a lawyer so that you can make correct decisions regarding the effectiveness and the extent of power provided to a power of attorney.

  • Draft a will with the help of a legal professional.

Wills are directives that help fulfill an individual’s last wishes concerning their health treatment, funeral, distribution of the estate and managing all the assets, designation of beneficiaries, etc. 

Will holds a lot of significance and is often contested if the family members suspect that the creator of the will was not in the right state of mind during the creation process. It also contains essential details about the beneficiaries and a power of attorney assigned to the estate. Therefore it is crucial to see the help of a legal professional in drafting the will to ensure that all the aspects are taken care of. 

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