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Learn Estate Planning With Will Services

A practical approach to the theory makes the study better and sharpens the career prospects. Estate planning plays a prominent role in business development and improvisation. The estate planning practitioners are the latest demanded to craft better advisory plans. Having practical training in the same applies to perfection. Wills Singapore services have the exciting opportunity of a short-term course in EPPL.

What Does The Course Cover?

The course is dynamically planned for self-paced for 12 hours’ duration. The course line covers topics like:

  1. Basic principles of estate planning and structuring. What are the different functionalities and the tools applied? These are the topics covered.
  2. Estate planning is used in businesses, so the complete study of business administration and planning with proper funds and resources are provided.
  3. In turn, these days, family businesses also need prior planning and management, not waiting until the wills are drawn and prepared. Thus, the family estate planning is also taught.
  4. The course allows the candidates to work on the practical scenarios along with continuous evaluation. The practice through obvious situations helps the practitioners develop their goals and study accordingly.

The course has promisingly provided help towards the career development in estate planning and helped businesses act sharply beforehand. The course is a two-day workshop followed by the assessments delivered by learned Singaporean auditors and financial consultants.

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