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Deposition summaries are a vital part of the litigation process. Depo summaries help attorneys to prepare depositions and pre-trial motions, prepare discovery responses and demands, prepare witnesses, and find vital testimony for witness impeachment during a trial.

If you are preparing a court case, you can rely on 4 corners depo summary for your deposition summary needs. Below is more information about why deposition summaries can help you.

First, you will save a lot of time by outsourcing your depo summary needs. Time is vital in every legal case. A summary will capture the vital points of the depo and can be referenced by attorneys to find vital parts of the testimony on the fly. This will save everyone on your staff time so you can focus more on essential tasks of preparation and strategy.

Second, depo review is easier when you have a summary. Transcripts need to be reviewed even if there are no changes being made. These reviews are needed if the lawyer wants to impeach a witness during a trial. The summary will boil down hundreds of pages into a fraction of that.

Third, a depo summary will help you as you are getting the case ready for the jury. Going through every part of every transcript will take a lot of time that you can spend on other things. You will be more efficient in your court prep when you are relying on summaries.

Fourth, depo summaries are a huge help when you are dealing with a technical case. Expert witnesses can produce complex testimony. Deposition summaries of technical testimony make handling the case easier. You’ll find summaries are critical for workers’ comp and personal injury cases.

Fifth, depos are important for the whole trial process. You can more easily find inaccuracies in witness testimony compared to what they gave during the deposition. They also can be used for cross referencing witness testimony among several witnesses that gave depositions. Judges and juries find summaries to be much more helpful than 1,000 pages of transcripts. The easier you make it for them, the better.

Last, you’re going to save your client money by using depo summary services. Outsourcing this work is more cost-effective than having attorneys and paralegals do the work. So, be sure to look into depo summary services the next time you are getting ready for trial.

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