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Are There Laws to Protect Cyclists?

Whenever a motorbike or bicycle accident happens, most people point an accusatory finger toward the rider. Yet, the blame might not necessarily be on them. Various motorcycle laws are in place to cushion these road users from unnecessary accusations. The following insights indicate some of the most notable rules you need to consider.

Equipment and General Cycling Rules

Riders need to follow particular general rules whenever they are on the road. In most cases, you will need to focus on appropriate clothing. Appropriately dressing will minimize legal complications if an accident happens. Ensure that you have a cycle helmet that conforms to the current state regulations. You must also use clothes that cannot get entangled in the chain.

Various experts will recommend light-colored or fluorescent dressing, as it is significantly visible, whether or not it is dark. The idea is to ensure that other road users see you without a struggle. Reflective clothes will always be a preference in the dark.

Further, your white front and red rear lights must remain lit between dusk and dawn. You could also use flashing lights, particularly if you are in a region with no street lights. Your bike should also have a spoke reflector and front reflectors.

Traffic Control Laws

Traffic control laws focus on determining where you can ride your bike. These laws touch on various elements, including roadworthiness. Different cycle paths are available for motorbikes and bicycles. Always rely on these cycle routes, cycle boxes, and advanced stop lines unless it is unsafe. While using these facilities is not compulsory, the move assures you enhanced safety.

Various states require you not to cycle on footpaths and footways, mainly if a cycle path is available. However, cyclists can use most bus lanes, except motorway bus lanes. You must also be very careful when entering or leaving these bus lanes. Remember, different states might have different rules. It would be wise to confirm this.

Road Safety Rules

Various rules are in place to enhance road safety for cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and other road users. Usually, the law requires you to have both hands on the handlebar unless you signal a change of direction or change the gear. All your feet must be on the pedals to boost balance and stability. Talking of balance, you must avoid carrying stuff that could compromise balance and stability in the long run.

Further, you need to maintain a distance between you and the next cyclists or motorists. This move aims at minimizing collisions, which boosts your safety. At the same time, you must be considerate of other road users, including the blind and partially sighted pedestrians. You owe them a duty of care, and any breach will expose you to a personal injury claim.

Road Usage

Always be careful whenever using any road. For instance, it is advisable to headstart at intersections since it allows other motorists to see you. At the same time, obeying traffic lights will help avoid vehicle collisions.

You will also need to look out for obstructions on the road. Fortunately, the law requires various road maintenance institutions to indicate whether there are obstructions or traffic ahead. Look out for these signs on the street, ensuring that you understand what to expect ahead.

Cyclists and motorists share the same protection from the law. Yet, you will need to observe the rules mentioned above. Following these rules will cushion you against different legal complications in the long run. Yet, while you might comply with the laws, some accidents will be inevitable. You will need a reliable attorney to protect your rights in such instances.

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