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Why Does Every Business Need A Lawyer?

Does your company have specialized legal support? If the answer is no, know that your business is at risk. Next, see why every company needs a lawyer constantly by its side, not just when an unforeseen situation occurs in that department.

Legal Certainty

The first reason is also one of the most important: if your company has a lawyer, all the actions carried out can be validated by this specialist. That means you’ll be sure to always comply with the Law. It is very common for entrepreneurs to make mistakes in this sense, not out of bad faith but out of ignorance of the details of the Law. But those who invest in legal advice need not worry about that.

Minimizing The Chances Of Labor Claims

The lawyer such as a commercial lease attorney for instance will also provide essential guidelines for the company on conducting labor relations with its employees in a completely legal and transparent manner. This will provide a healthier and more pleasant working environment (which would already benefit). Still, it will also reduce the chances that the company will suffer a possible labor lawsuit.

And, if the company happens to suffer a labor claim, the fact that you already have a lawyer doing your follow-up, who knows the whole scenario, will also help! Even to formulate a suitable settlement proposal.

Constant Update

Both the laws that govern entrepreneurship in general and those focused on certain segments can change. If today the company is operating fully following the legislation, tomorrow it may not be unless you have a lawyer who monitors these changes and keeps managers always informed and updated, guiding them on how to adapt.

Virtually all companies store data from third parties, whether employees or customers. The new legislation brought essential guidelines to be followed in this regard, under penalty of high fines for those who do not comply with them. Those entrepreneurs who already had good legal advice were more relaxed.

Drafting Of Contracts

Having a lawyer on hand is also helpful when drafting and reviewing contracts, ensuring that all clauses are fair to all parties involved and that there is nothing that would undermine the legal validity of this document.

Cost Reduction

Believe me: having a lawyer always supporting the company has a better cost/benefit ratio than having to hire a professional in the area whenever legal demands arise. So, if the company is concerned with optimizing its financial resources, this is one more reason to have a lawyer.

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